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Looks like TESO is the first entry in the Elder Scrolls series to have passable character art. Exciting!


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Don’t miss this amazing post about the wonderful world of Oblivion mods on MetaFilter!

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Naturally the week after I get the previous version installed, the latest edition of the Morrowind Sound and Graphics overhaul is ready for release! Check out the preview if you haven’t seen it yet.

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The Let’s Play Skyrim saga reaches an epic (?) crescendo… 

There will be a delay in video updates while Evan’s computer is being repaired. Which also means no Torchlight 2 for us. Sad times!

Meanwhile in Vvardenfell, I’m off to the start of a fantastic Morrowind adventure now that I’ve modded the game to the gills. The graphic and sound overhaul is great, but… I’ll cop to amending the game mechanics as well by installing a revamped leveling system, health and magicka regen, and base run-speed increase (it’s not cheating because NPCs get the boost too!). Can’t wait to get home and crawl more dungeons…

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Back In Balmora Again

Aww yeah.

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In addition to all of the games Rose has been playing this year for the site, she has been playing A LOT of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Recently I jumped back into Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for Xbox 360, and have been earning up a bunch of achievements I never got. We both have Elder Scrolls on the brain, so we decided to go back to the beginning, and play through the game that started it all: Elder Scrolls I – Arena.

Here are the first two videos:

More coming soon!

Interested in playing for yourself? You can download it for free at elderscrolls.com

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