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After a fair amount of grunt work undertaken on behalf of the Fighters’ Guild, I’m back to my old stomping grounds…

Bright lights, big city. Well, the latter, at least.

O yes, labyrinthine Vivec — with your many cantons of many levels each, and your twisty little passages, all alike — how you still vex me! At least I know to stay out of the sewers this time. The prospect of trying to find my way around the city isn’t a pleasant one, but I think I ought to ramp up my skills a bit before pursuing this whole Nerevarine gig.

In other news, I have discovered that Morrowind humor is alive and well in 2012.

Random linkage — I thought this forum post was a nice little summation of what sets the third installment apart from the rest of the Elder Scrolls series. And on a side note, I’m really hopeful that playing classic video games will soon become as easy and culturally acceptable as enjoying TV shows and music of yesteryear.


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The Let’s Play Skyrim saga reaches an epic (?) crescendo… 

There will be a delay in video updates while Evan’s computer is being repaired. Which also means no Torchlight 2 for us. Sad times!

Meanwhile in Vvardenfell, I’m off to the start of a fantastic Morrowind adventure now that I’ve modded the game to the gills. The graphic and sound overhaul is great, but… I’ll cop to amending the game mechanics as well by installing a revamped leveling system, health and magicka regen, and base run-speed increase (it’s not cheating because NPCs get the boost too!). Can’t wait to get home and crawl more dungeons…

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Back In Balmora Again

Aww yeah.

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So, the plan to spend time wading through our backlog of unplayed games didn’t go so great, but! That doesn’t mean gaming isn’t occurring! Here are the haps:

First, Evan and I have started playing Skyrim together (after a fashion), and he’s posting vlogs of our exploitz. Start the series here: 

Of course you’ll want to subscribe to Evan’s channel for regular updates. Episode 3 should be up soon!

Goofing around in Skyrim made me nostalgic for good old Morrowind, so I booted her up for a fresh adventure. Once I settle on which mods to install, I’ll get to playing in earnest. While searching through the available offerings, I found this site and associated mod: The Census and Excise Office, a.k.a. Facebook for Morrowind. Integrating social media with video games isn’t exactly brand-new ground, but how often does social media get integrated with a game that’s been out for a decade? For that matter, how many games still have an active modding community after that long? I’m looking forward to kicking the tires on this one. And just for funsies, I’m using the Crystal Egg Hunt mod as well.

Also, Evan and I have both preordered Torchlight 2, which comes out in just two short days. Cue giant watery anime eyes.

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In addition to all of the games Rose has been playing this year for the site, she has been playing A LOT of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Recently I jumped back into Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for Xbox 360, and have been earning up a bunch of achievements I never got. We both have Elder Scrolls on the brain, so we decided to go back to the beginning, and play through the game that started it all: Elder Scrolls I – Arena.

Here are the first two videos:

More coming soon!

Interested in playing for yourself? You can download it for free at elderscrolls.com

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Man, what happened to me?

There was a time — I recall it! — when I was able to play games without marked quest-givers, without useful in-game maps, the kind of games that just dropped you right into the deep end of the pool with a stern reminder that it would “build character.”

I am getting ahead of myself.

Half-Life 2 isn’t a game I chose for myself. I don’t care much for first-person shooter type games, not because I find them distasteful but just because by and large they don’t especially appeal to me. Evan somehow had a spare key that he passed along to me as a “bonus” Christmas gift. I claimed it but it pretty much just sat around for a year, and it wound up first on my list of unplayed games to tackle in 2012.

So how did it go? Well…

From the Pottery Gulag Spring 2012 Collection.

This pretty much sums up my Half-Life 2 experience: wandering depressing hallways covered with tattered propaganda posters. Actually this is nicer than my last apartment. Where's the For Rent magazine?

I went into it knowing pretty much exactly nothing about the game or the franchise, save a passing familiarity with the main character Gordon Freeman (because how can you not know who he is?) and the fact that I have seen Evan shoot up lots of identical dudes wearing headcrab hats. The game really pulls no punches at all about throwing you into chaos — the mysterious intro puts you directly into Gordon’s shoes, and the player’s confusion prompts immediate identification with him.

I had a lot of fun listening to the propaganda reel, being thoroughly creeped out by the masked guards, and bumbling around until I found the single valid route out of the area — but even at this point, I was thinking to myself, what am I supposed to be doing now?

I was grateful to receive direction once it came — keep going until you get to the plaza! — but once I got to what I assume was the plaza, I was stuck once again. All the doors appeared to be locked and the gates out of the area patrolled by security cameras and impassable. I circled around for a while, receiving no prompts or even any dialogue from any of the other citizens in the area. No other friendly personage showed up to meet me. Bear in mind that all I really know how to do at this point is pick stuff up, throw it, and move around. Eventually I put my limited knowledge to use to climb up a fire escape and leap over a fence, because it seemed like the only thing to do. Loading message, that means I solved the puzzle, right?

In the next area, I got to run around a neighborhood full of miserable citizens undergoing a police inspection. After a fair amount of aimless wandering (and fruitless searching for anything to interact with), suddenly there’s an alert! Miscount detected! My fellow citizens, aware that I don’t belong in their section, rush to hide me! To the roof, they cry, hurry! So, I ran to the roof…

And I got there! Success, right? Except that once I got to the roof, again, without any obvious cue what my next goal should be, I pretty much just ran around aimlessly looking for something to point me in the right direction. And got gunned down. Okay, back to the checkpoint, I’ll try another direction this time. Ooops, died. So, okay, I’ll try another way… oops, that’s where I came from… oops dead.

Half-Life 2, you look awful neat, and your setting is creepy and compelling, but I will have to return to you sometime when I’m feeling more patient and generous, and when I’m not having a great time in another game that goes out of its way to throw tons of cool stuff to do at me.


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