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The Let’s Play Skyrim saga reaches an epic (?) crescendo… 

There will be a delay in video updates while Evan’s computer is being repaired. Which also means no Torchlight 2 for us. Sad times!

Meanwhile in Vvardenfell, I’m off to the start of a fantastic Morrowind adventure now that I’ve modded the game to the gills. The graphic and sound overhaul is great, but… I’ll cop to amending the game mechanics as well by installing a revamped leveling system, health and magicka regen, and base run-speed increase (it’s not cheating because NPCs get the boost too!). Can’t wait to get home and crawl more dungeons…


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So, the plan to spend time wading through our backlog of unplayed games didn’t go so great, but! That doesn’t mean gaming isn’t occurring! Here are the haps:

First, Evan and I have started playing Skyrim together (after a fashion), and he’s posting vlogs of our exploitz. Start the series here: 

Of course you’ll want to subscribe to Evan’s channel for regular updates. Episode 3 should be up soon!

Goofing around in Skyrim made me nostalgic for good old Morrowind, so I booted her up for a fresh adventure. Once I settle on which mods to install, I’ll get to playing in earnest. While searching through the available offerings, I found this site and associated mod: The Census and Excise Office, a.k.a. Facebook for Morrowind. Integrating social media with video games isn’t exactly brand-new ground, but how often does social media get integrated with a game that’s been out for a decade? For that matter, how many games still have an active modding community after that long? I’m looking forward to kicking the tires on this one. And just for funsies, I’m using the Crystal Egg Hunt mod as well.

Also, Evan and I have both preordered Torchlight 2, which comes out in just two short days. Cue giant watery anime eyes.

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Last year, I bought my friend Matt Grey’s Anatomy: The Video Game, because I am a jerk. He retaliated by getting me Cthulu Saves the World and Breath of Death VII, because he is not a jerk. They were two of the most popular Xbox Live Indie Games of all time, and had just been released for PC on Steam, to rave reviews.

The problem is, this game has a very specific target audience. It’s an homage to the old 16 bit Final Fantasy games of yore. I may have mentioned this before, but I will keep mentioning it: my parents wouldn’t let me have a nintendo when I was growing up. The first console I ever owned was a Nintendo 64, and that was well into the PS2’s life cycle. The game trades HEAVILY on nostalgia, and its nostalgia for a period of gaming I never experienced.

So while someone viewing this game through the lenses of their childhood will likely enjoy it, lets take a look at this game without nostalgia goggles.

My determination: meh. (more…)

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In addition to all of the games Rose has been playing this year for the site, she has been playing A LOT of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Recently I jumped back into Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for Xbox 360, and have been earning up a bunch of achievements I never got. We both have Elder Scrolls on the brain, so we decided to go back to the beginning, and play through the game that started it all: Elder Scrolls I – Arena.

Here are the first two videos:

More coming soon!

Interested in playing for yourself? You can download it for free at elderscrolls.com

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Evan Plays: Ricochet

What is this game? I don’t even know.

I know some things about it; I know it was a mod for the original Half-Life that used to be free but now costs 5 dollars, I know it is a very obvious Tron rip-off, where people in brightly colored outfits jump around on light platforms and throw light disks at each other, and I know that somehow, I own a copy of it in my steam library.

The first problem I ran into is that this is a multiplayer ONLY game. The only option is to play online. There is almost nobody playing this game online, and the few who are have been playing the game for years. Not a great way to start out. Luckily, I did find a third party bot, and was able to get a game going.

As you can see, I didn’t do great. (more…)

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Rose got me the Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition for Christmas 2010, and i loved it, it was a wonderful gift, and I played and enjoyed it for about 2 and a half hours total before I got distracted and moved on to the next thing. This is not new, most of my life I’ve considered myself a fan of the Monkey Island franchise, though I’ve never (until now) finished a game.

So I picked it back up, a year later, and dove in headfirst, not really remembering what I was doing or how to play the game. As per my usual, I filmed it, and you can see the results below. However, normally i try to film about a half hour’s worth of play and edit it down to about 5-8 minutes, here, I got lost in the moment and played for over an hour. It was a bitch to edit down, and the end result is a bit choppy in places, but here you go:

I did wind up going back and starting a new game from the beginning and playing it through to the end. My full thoughts after the break: (more…)

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There’s a bundle on Steam called “The Orange Box” (also available for Xbox 360) which contains Half-Life 2, it’s two episodic sequels, Team Fortress 2 and Portal. I had to buy Team Fortress 2 for a LAN party, and figured “Why not buy the bundle, I’ll play all those games eventually.” The idea of “I’m going to play it eventually” has heavily factored into my decision to buy many games I didn’t really need, and this week is no exception.

Looking back, I don’t think we played Team Fortress 2 at that LAN after all. But I digress.

The point is, I owned Episode 1 for a long time, but never played it, since it was a sequel and until very recently, I hadn’t beaten the original.

But coming fresh off my completion of Half-Life 2, I jumped right into Episode 1. Or as this video demonstrates, I fell right off of Episode 1:

Without getting into spoiler territory, at the very end of Half-Life 2, you DO SOMETHING. Immediately after you DO SOMETHING, the game ends. You don’t really get to see the effects SOMETHING had on the world around you, or what happened to THAT ONE PERSON.

So my main hope for Episode 1 was that it would pick up those plot threads and continue the story – and it did not disappoint. (more…)

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