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Last year, I bought my friend Matt Grey’s Anatomy: The Video Game, because I am a jerk. He retaliated by getting me Cthulu Saves the World and Breath of Death VII, because he is not a jerk. They were two of the most popular Xbox Live Indie Games of all time, and had just been released for PC on Steam, to rave reviews.

The problem is, this game has a very specific target audience. It’s an homage to the old 16 bit Final Fantasy games of yore. I may have mentioned this before, but I will keep mentioning it: my parents wouldn’t let me have a nintendo when I was growing up. The first console I ever owned was a Nintendo 64, and that was well into the PS2’s life cycle. The game trades HEAVILY on nostalgia, and its nostalgia for a period of gaming I never experienced.

So while someone viewing this game through the lenses of their childhood will likely enjoy it, lets take a look at this game without nostalgia goggles.

My determination: meh. (more…)


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So the whole point of this experiment was to get through some of the games in my PC Library that are unplayed. Ideally by the end of the year I would have played all the games I own, or at least be closer to that goal. And hey, in January alone I played 5 games I hadn’t played before. Some were good; some…not so much.

The problem (if you could call it that) is that in January I either purchased or came into ownership of a staggering TWENTY-SIX new PC games. I only spent 34 dollars, which is pretty good restraint, but I now own every King’s Quest game, including fanmade sequels, almost every Serious Sam game, and a variety of random games I know nothing about, but were free.

I may not be making progress toward my stated goal of getting through my entire library by the end of the year, but the good news is you can look forward to 6 months more of posts from me! I’ve mixed these new games into the rotation, so you can expect to start seeing them soon!

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