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Cindy Au writes about the experience of falling into a fantasy game at The Mary Sue today. I identified with a lot of what she expresses regarding how fantasy games can help us realize our goals and defeat them at the same time.


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Happy Birthday, EQ

Happy (belated) Birthday, EverQuest! The game is 12 years old this month. See the announcement at EverQuest Players.

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It’s been kind of a hectic few weeks, but I’ve managed to squeeze in a bit of elf time here and there. The most exciting news to share is that after a fair amount of camping and collecting odds and ends from all over the world, Leafkin got his Leafblower. (Also known as “the original druid epic weapon.”)

Not actually for landscaping use.

In smaller but no less exciting news, I had a week of awesome pets courtesy of Summon Monster II. First, in Crescent Reach, the most awesomest of awesome pets — a bunny rabbit.

Bunny of DOOM.

Then in Takish-Hiz, I got the best friend a girl could ask for: a magical unicorn! Not the hornless kind, either.

Sparkles not included.

I’ve also passed my previous high level in EQ (43), so I’ve been heading into areas that I either wasn’t high enough level to see before or that are just straight-up new since I quit the game in 2002. The most notable journey so far was a trip to the mysterious environs of Natimbi. I don’t know what the lore is supposed to be for the area or even what expansion it was associated with. Judging by what we saw, it’s a nightmarish realm where malevolent fitness enthusiasts rule over an oppressed caste of phlegmatic albino smurfs.

Nightmare fuel.

Oddly enough, the area had some especially lovely ambient music. Maybe those albino smurfs are behind it?

In other gaming news, my sister let me play Angry Birds on her phone and though the game is cute I can’t help but wonder what the big deal is.

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A brief aside

So today was the official opening day for new MMO Rift, though the game has been available to pre-order subscribers for a week or two already. I’ll be passing on this title, but I’d like to note that once upon a time, when Trion Worlds’ Creative Director Scott Hartsman served as lead producer for EverQuest II,  he effected an amazing turnaround for the title, transforming it from a jumbled mishmash of systems lifted from other games into a truly fun game with a direction and feel of its own. I wish Scott and the team at Trion all the best.

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